How to recycle waste electrical and electronic equipment safely

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With climate change gaining momentum today, it has become more than necessary to adopt a circular economy in Texas. For example, it consists of recycling waste to then reuse it for new causes. However, it should be noted that there are several types of waste and it is very important not to mix them. For example, waste electrical and electronic equipment must be collected separately to be treated according to a certain methodology. Find out more details about this later in this post.

Understanding electrical and electronic equipment waste

Before claiming any recycling of this type of waste, it is essential to know them well and master their operation. Indeed, WEEE or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment produced per year reaches 50,000,000 tons in the majority of highly industrialized countries. They contain materials such as heavy metals and organic compounds that pollute soils.

These end-of-life equipment normally operate using electromagnetic fields or electricity. Their devices of origin include heat exchange equipment, screens, monitors and other equipment containing screens. This waste can also come from:

  • photovoltaic panels
  • large and small equipment
  • lamps
  • computer and telecommunications equipment

This categorization draws its sources from the work carried out by one of the EPA in Texas. The devices in question here are designed to be used at a voltage less than or equal to 1000 volts alternating current. Furthermore, this voltage can go up to 1500 volts direct current.

Thus, the combustion of their constituent elements is carcinogenic. It very quickly produces gases that are harmful to nature and the health of humans and other living beings.

Recycling WEEE: how to go about it

To avoid any risk, it is advisable to separate them from degradable waste and plastic waste usually produced. Once you have sorted and separated them, you can resell them directly on specialized online sites. They are equipped to continue the recycling process and this prevents you from taking unnecessary risks.

However, to make good profits from the sale of your waste in Texas, you can use comparison sites. This will allow you to choose a platform that will be able to buy your products from you at the best prices.

Furthermore, there are sites where you can recycle your devices and then take them back. In this case, specialists can either repair damaged devices or use your parts to create new equipment. If you adopt the first option, you will just need to find out about the energy consumption of the devices and their repairability indices.

On the other hand, for the second situation, the waste management professionals are responsible for redoing the sorting by hand before sorting mechanically. Smaller devices are ground to obtain smaller pieces. Then, the fragments are sorted and recast according to their categories. Refrigerators, for example, are treated separately.

Other safe recycling methods

If you no longer use a number of your household appliances, telephones, computers or others, you can do this. Entrust this equipment to associations that work for the recycling of this type of waste. Generally, these organizations set up workshops to refurbish these goods by volunteers and with appropriate tools.

They then distribute the equipment obtained to poor people in need. By choosing this option, you are providing essential help. You contribute to safeguarding the environment and better recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment.